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New state minister appointed to Economic Ministry

Nafaahath Ibrahim
10 May 2018, MVT 18:49
Former Elections commission member Mohamed Shakeel. PHOTO/HUSSAIN WAHEED/MIHAARU
Nafaahath Ibrahim
10 May 2018, MVT 18:49

Former member of the Elections Commission, Mohamed Shakeel, has been appointed to the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

According to our sources Shakeel handed in his resignation from the EC to the President's Office on Thursday afternoon, and it was not long before he was appointed as a state minister for the economic ministry.

Several changes are being brought about to the EC as this year's Presidential Elections loom overhead. The commission has been face harsh criticism from the joint opposition, which claim that the EC is acting under the government's influence.

However, the EC has continues to deny the accusations, stating that the commission is unbiased and acts within the margins of the Constitution.