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Court rejects medical requests for jailed ex-VP Adheeb

Nafaahath Ibrahim
09 May 2018, MVT 13:02
Adheeb Sentenced 15 years in Prison regarding finifenma Explosion
Nafaahath Ibrahim
09 May 2018, MVT 13:02

The Civil Court has dismissed former Vice President Ahmed Adheeb's requests for medical treatments.

Adheeb's lawyer Moosa Siraj said that his appeal was dismissed, stating that the procedures that should be followed, under the regulation to provide medical care to inmates, were not completed.

However, while issuing the verdict, Judge Ali Abdulla stated that the particular clause was not included in the regulations. According to Adheeb's lawyer, the clause allows inmates to get medical treatment from the Maldives and abroad, in addition to the treatments provided at the medical centres in prisons.

Siraj said that they would further appeal the case at the High Court, to get medical treatment for Adheeb. He also expressed concern over his client's treatments being delayed, stating that the Civil Court's ruling came six months after the request was filed.

Adheeb is currently serving 33 years on three convictions, including his involvement in the largest corruption scandal in the Maldives’ history and for orchestrating an assassination attempt on the president.