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Komandoo land reclamation project completed

Nafaahath Ibrahim
16 April 2018, MVT 17:33
Nafaahath Ibrahim
16 April 2018, MVT 17:33

Shaviyani Atoll Komandoo land reclamation project concludes its activities in the island.

The land reclamation project for this island commenced on April 5th, with the use of Maldives Transport and Contracting Company’s (MTCC) Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger (Mahaa Jarraafu).

The island of Komandoo which had previously been seven hectors in size, has been expanded to approximately 17 hectors of land post reclamation.

Komandoo’s council vice chair Mohamed Arif said that the Mahaa Jarraafu will head to Thilafushi early Tuesday morning. Arif noted that this project is one that the island has been anticipating for a long time, adding that these efforts would  aid greatly in the island's development.

According to the council, the government aims to build 50 social housing flats as well as to move the island's power house to the reclaimed area. In addition, the government also plans to use a portion of land from the reclaimed area to build a waste management center and a children’s playground..

The state has allocated MVR 11 million within the annual budget towards the reclamation of land and conservation of the surrounding areas in Komandoo.