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Mathiveri aims to eliminate plastic usage completely by 2019

Nafaahath Ibrahim
16 April 2018, MVT 13:01
Nafaahath Ibrahim
16 April 2018, MVT 13:01

Alif Alif atoll Mathiveri council has started working towards eliminating plastic usage in the island.

Mathiveri council president Ismail Athif said that their aim is to make the island plastic free by the end of 2019. He added that they have come up with plans to achieve this target.

Athif said that the guesthouses are supposed to stop using any plastic by the end of this month. Shops, cafés, restaurants and households have been given the next four months to eliminate using plastic.

He noted the contributions from the guesthouses and businesses in the island in achieving their goal. He also said that if they are able to stop using plastic in these places alone, it would cut down 75 percent of the islands total usage.

In addition to this the guest houses and businesses together, are planning to distribute cloth bags to stop using plastic bags in the island.

The popular destination for holidaymakers has a small population of approximately 930 people. Athif said that this is not an impossible goal for the island to achieve and their efforts are already starting to show results.