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Police probe taxi driver who threatened woman for 'not covering up'

Farah Ahmed
15 April 2018, MVT 13:17
Police officers taking a taxi driver into custody after he threatened to kill a woman for not "covering up" with a burka on April 14, 2018 --
Farah Ahmed
15 April 2018, MVT 13:17

A taxi driver who allegedly threatened a woman is being investigated by the police.

The police spokesperson confirmed Sunday that it began probing the incident after the case was formally filed with the police; no further details were revealed.

The case was filed by Rahma Abbas, a prominent opposition activist, loyal to former President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom.

She had then taken to matter to social media where she detailed the incident on Facebook.

“The taxi driver drove really fast, straight at [them] and he was playing Quran out loud in the car. He stopped near the woman’s motorbike, rolled down his window and said that he would kill her. And then he said that she can’t live in this country without covering herself up with a burka, adding that this is ‘their’ government,” Rahma’s Facebook status read.

“And in the presence of police officers, he had looked at the woman and said that he would kill her and bash her to bits.”

According to Rahma the man was handcuffed and taken to the police headquarters, but the officers who made the arrest had failed to take the details of the woman he threatened.

Further, she claimed that he was released shortly after being taken to the police.

Rahma claimed that she formally filed the case at the police after they released him from custody without proper investigations.