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Yameen Rasheed's family appeals to High Court

Nafaahath Ibrahim
14 April 2018, MVT 08:50
Yameen Rasheed, 29, a popular social media activist and blogger was found murdered early April 23, 2017.
Nafaahath Ibrahim
14 April 2018, MVT 08:50

Brutally murdered local Yameen Rasheed's family has requested for appeal to the High Court after the Civil court rejected their appeal concerning failed police action to provide protection to Yameen, despite having asked for it after recieving several threats.

Yameen was found murdered in April 2017 near the stairwell of his residence. His father Hussain Rasheed filed a case against the state believing that the police did not investigate or take any steps after the repeated death threats received by Yameen.

In September 2017, the Civil Court ruled that as the case is against Police, it should be investigated by the National Integrity Commission (NIC). The Civil Courts ruling noted that Yameen’s family had not yet requested the NIC for an investigation. The ruling further addressed how the Civil Court may possibly obstruct the NIC’s work if they were to look into the matter, hence ruling that the court did not have the right to investigate this case.

The High Court accepted Yameen’s family appeal and trials are scheduled to begin on April 15.

Although Yameen’s family has filed against the state for negligence, seven people  have already been arrested in conjunction to the murder. Their individual trials are currently ongoing in the Criminal Court.