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President Yameen briefs visiting UN Ambassadors

Shaina Abdulla
03 April 2018, MVT 01:50
Shaina Abdulla
03 April 2018, MVT 01:50

President Yaameen Abdul Gayoom, on Tuesday, said that all countries must exercise understanding in considering the differences between respective countries, whilst treating and bring treated as equal members of the same family

President Yameen made the statement during a meeting held at the President’s Office with the visiting delegation of ambassadors of the United Nations.

During the meeting, the President noted that the Maldives chairs the Alliance of Small Island States, in addition to having secured the seat of the UN Human Rights Council for two consecutive years. The President noted that this was evident to the world’s acceptance of Maldives as a major advocate of human rights and environmental issues.

The president also informed the ambassadors on the current political turmoil in the Maldives. He had stated that services and businesses were not affected by the state of emergency declared in February, adding that a curfew was not enforced during the period.

At the meeting, President Yameen also ensured the safety of all Maldivians and foreign visitors to the country, further adding that the administration continues to work towards strengthening the country’s democracy.

The president also emphasized on the rapid growth and advancement in various scopes of development in the Maldives over a short period of time, in comparison to the progress over 15 or 20 years past. In addition, President Yameen vowed to bring quality to the lives of the people in the Maldives as part of his presidential electoral pledge.

President Yameen furthermore shed light on the factors such as environment, lack or resources and geography that contributed to the numerous challenges being continually faced in the Maldives. The President also highlighted the threat of cross-border piracy and terrorism in the country concerning its strategic location, and noted in recognition that common difficulties as such are faced by all the countries in the world.

The meeting was attended by Foreign Minister Dr Mohamed Asim, Permanent Respersentative of the Maldives to the UN Dr Ali Naseer Mohamed, Foreign Secretary Ahmed Sareer and State Minister for Foreign Relations at the President’s Office Mohamed Naseer.