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German ambassador claims summer flights to Maldives may be cancelled

Nafaahath Ibrahim
01 April 2018, MVT 14:47
A group of tourists near some police barricades.
Nafaahath Ibrahim
01 April 2018, MVT 14:47

The German Ambassador for the Maldives, Joern Rohde says that if the nation's current political situation does not subdue in time for summer, many major European airlines are rumored to suspend their flights headed to the Maldives.

In a series of tweets by Rohde on Saturday, he alleged, “Despite the end of SoE democratic rights remain curtailed as MPs remain jailed on politically motivated prosecutions. The economy and thus the people suffer since tourists continue to stay away.”

“Solution: Only a return to democracy will bring back stability and the positive image of the wonderful Maldives now tarnished by the ongoing undermining of democratic rights”, Rohde tweeted.

Amongst rising speculation that airlines may curtail fights, European Union has already delivered warnings of possible action against Maldives if the political prisoners are not released.

In a resolution passed by the EU’s counsel in February, the UN called on Maldives to end the SOE, to restore the people’s rights and release the political prisoners.

EU and several other international bodies have continuously expressed concerns about the political situation in Maldives, urging the government to take actions in order to re-establish peace.