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44 cases of child sexual abuse in February, Gender Ministry stats reveal

Farah Ahmed
28 March 2018, MVT 09:01
Stock image symbolising child abuse.
Farah Ahmed
28 March 2018, MVT 09:01

The Ministry of Gender and Family Tuesday revealed that 44 cases of child sexual abuse were reported to the ministry just last month.

According to the statistics published by the ministry, it received a total of 210 cases in February, of which 117 were child abuse cases.

Amongst the child abuse cases, the most prevalent are child sexual abuse cases, with 44 incidents, the report revealed.

The ministry also received 30 cases of child physical abuse, 18 cases of negligence and nine cases of mental abuse of children.

Meanwhile, 13 cases of child delinquency were also reported to the gender ministry last month, and an additional 17 cases of disciplinary issues in children were also submitted.

The ministry also saw 29 cases of family problems, and 20 cases of domestic abuse, of which the majority were domestic violence cases.