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MP Faris, Siyaq Qasim, Ex-Police Commissioner Areef's remands, also extended

Nafaahath Ibrahim
22 March 2018, MVT 15:37
Former CP Areef (L), MP Faris Maumoon (M), Siyad Qasim. PHOTO/MIHAARU
Nafaahath Ibrahim
22 March 2018, MVT 15:37

The Criminal Court late Wednesday night extended the remand of former Police Commissioner Ahmed Areef, Dhiggaru MP Faris Maumoon and Ibrahim Siyad Qasim, until the end of their trials.

The statement released by the Prosecutor General’s office on March 20, gave details of the charges levied against the individuals, as well as other prominent politicians who were arrested during the state of emergency.

MP Faris was in prison for over six months after being accused of bribing lawmakers and misusing the PPM flag before he was released briefly on January 25. He was arrested again after the state of emergency was declared, and was later charged with attempt to orchestrate an act of terrorism.

Siyad, who is Jumhoory Party's leader Qasim Ibrahim's son, was also arrested arrested after the state of emergency was declared. In the Prosecutor General's statement, she had stated that during a raid on the Judicial Administrator Hassan Saeed's home, a letter from Siyad was found implicating him in an illicit a payment of USD 2.4 million to buy “profits” from abroad. Further, police's forensic analyses confirmed that it was Siyads’s signature and finger prints on the letter.

Chief Justice Abdullah Saeed, and Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameed’s son Ahmed Misfiru and the ex-wife of Hassan Saeed were accused of benefiting from the bribes given by Siyaq, alleged the Prosecutor General.

The former Commissioner of Police Ahmed Areef was also dismissed amidst the political chaos after contentious Supreme Court ruling to free nine political prisoners and reinstate 12 parliamentarians that were unseated . He was allegedly dismissed after he did not respond to calls from state ministers to discuss the situation after the ruling.

The Prosecutor General stated that Areef had aided in planning, preparing and enforcing the Supreme Court order on February 1, and was charged attempt to orchestrate an act of terrorisms and overthrow the government.

The remands for several others who were attested under the state of emergency were also extended. The remand extensions came a day ahead of when the state of emergency was scheduled to be lifted.