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Lawyer Hisaan asked to apologise to Criminal Court

20 March 2018, MVT 14:16
Lawyer Hisaan Hussain at her office in the capital Male at Hisaan, Riffath & Co. MIHAARU PHOTO / HUSSEN WAHEED
20 March 2018, MVT 14:16

Lawyer Hisaan Hussain was summoned to the Criminal Court and asked to formally apologize to the court Monday evening, in relation to her remarks on jailed Chief Justice Abdullah Saeed’s first hearing.

Hisaan, speaking to the press Monday, claimed that the Judge Ahmed Hailam presiding over the Chief Justice’s case at the Criminal Court, was conducting an arbitrary hearing.

Reportedly, Hisaan had to give a statement to court, apologizing for her remarks to the press, since she had spoken about the court in a negative light.

During the initial hearing, when Judge Saeed’s lawyers had asked how they were going to proceed with the case since the Criminal Procedure Code was suspended under the state of emergency, Judge Hailam said that he would not be prosecuted under the Act since the allegations levied against Judge Saeed were related to the state of emergency, that is still in place.

However, the judge presiding over the Chief Justice’s case had guaranteed that the Constitution would be duly followed, and that the court would revert to the Criminal Procedure Code when overseeing his case, after the state of emergency is over.

During Sunday’s hearing, former Attorney General Husn Suood had asked the court for a temporary stay in the case until the Criminal Procedure has been reinstated, however Judge Hailam refused and stated that the trial could be held, despite lacking precedent.

The Criminal Court Judge had given Judge Saeed’s lawyers five-days to respond to the state’s claims.