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More MPs, civilians arrested in opposition rally

Fathmath Shaahunaz
17 March 2018, MVT 00:38
Police officers in riot gear arrest a protester during the opposition rally on March 16, 2018. PHOTO: NISHAN ALI/MIHAARU
Fathmath Shaahunaz
17 March 2018, MVT 00:38

A number of people, including lawmakers, have been arrested again during the joint opposition's rally in capital Male on Friday night.

Members and supporters of opposition parties took to the streets of Male in the latest protest organised by the joint opposition in defiance of the government's "unlawful activities". However, the police and military forces were quick to intervene and begin breaking up the gatherings, with the use of pepper spray, as per the norm.

Among the protesters currently arrested are the lawmakers Ali Azim and Hussain Mohamed, who were leading some of the gatherings. Police also arrested Male City Councillor Ahmed Niyaz.

With the security forces breaking up the protests in the intersection of Chaandhanee Magu and Majeedhee Magu, the protesters began attempts to reconvene at the Republic Square. However, the police blocked off the roads with barricades and have not let up efforts to control the rally.

Update: A civilian suffered a serious head injury and was rushed in an ambulance to the emergency. Witnessed claimed that a police officer had hit him round the head with a baton. Meanwhile, the police also reported that an officer has been injured, suffering a fracture on his arm.

The police also used tear gas during the protest for the first time in a long while. Most of the rally subsequently broke up, and the police resorted to tear gas again to scatter the crowds that persisted.