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Rights watchdog calls to end systemic misogyny in Maldives

Nafaahath Ibrahim
09 March 2018, MVT 09:00
Some women taking part in a ceremony to mark International Woman's Day
Nafaahath Ibrahim
09 March 2018, MVT 09:00

Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) on Thursday called to end the systemic misogyny faced by women throughout their lives and in their careers.

On the occasion of International Woman’s Day, HRCM released a statement addressing different cases reported to them, noting that a number of women in the Maldives are deprived of their rights and victimized.

The statement stated that there are cases of women with disabilities, women deprived of their rights and women who are victims of abuse. HRCM called on the Maldivian society to change their thinking towards woman and to protect them.

HRCM advised to plan national polices in such a way that the creativity and talents of women are fully utilised. In addition, they urged to provide women with equal opportunities and to strengthen the existing legal polices.

Several companies and institutions all over the Maldives held celebrations to mark Women's Day.