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Woman caught smuggling illegal items to Maafushi Prison

Farah Ahmed
08 March 2018, MVT 13:38
Maldives' main prison in Kaafu Atoll Maafushi island. PHOTO/CAVINTEO.BLOGSPOT.COM
Farah Ahmed
08 March 2018, MVT 13:38

A woman who attempted to smuggle contrabands into Maafushi Prison was caught Wednesday night.

The woman had a conjugal visit scheduled with her husband, who is serving time in Maafushi Prison.

The contrabands a woman attempted to smuggle into Maafushi Prison on March 7, 2018 during a visit to her husband who was serving time there. PHOTO / POLICE MEDIA

She had attempted to smuggle two Nokia phones, five mobile SIM cards, five SD memory cards, two chargers, some wireless earphones and two sticks of super-glue, concealed in her dress.

While the police did not reveal the identity of the woman, it confirmed that the woman is also in police custody now.

Maldives Correction Services said that when contrabands are smuggled into prisons, it hinders the rehabilitation efforts of some prisoners and advised the public not to engage in such activities.