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Instilling patriotism a national duty: President Yameen

07 March 2018, MVT 13:36
President Abdulla Yameen speaks at the inauguration of the fresh water supply system in Lh. Hinnavaru. PHOTO/PRESIDENT'S OFFICE
07 March 2018, MVT 13:36

President Abdulla Yameen on Tuesday stated that it is an important national duty to instill patriotism in all our hearts.

In the address he gave on the occasion of the National Patriotism Day, he declared that the future belonged to the youth and highlighted the importance of ensuring they were a patriotic and freedom-loving generation that would defend the Maldivian individuality. He noted that this would flourish the national spirit amongst the youth and children, and produce a loyal generation to serve the nation.

He further said that reviving patriotism is an important national duty, which should be carried out for the benefit of future generations, and appealed to garner more effort towards creating and reviving patriotism in the country.

As the country celebrated National Patriotism Day, President Yameen also urged everyone, especially the management of schools, to focus on boosting patriotism amongst the younger generations and to conduct special awareness programs.

The government declared to mark the National Patriotism Day on March 6 with the aim of reviving the Islamic faith and national spirit amongst the citizens.