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Maldives opens bids to develop bridges for Hulhumale phase two

05 March 2018, MVT 13:15
The reclaimed area under Hulhumale's second phase of development.
05 March 2018, MVT 13:15

Housing Development Cooperation (HDC) has opened bids to develop four bridges that would connect reclaimed suburb Hulhumale’s Phase One with Phase Two, and a bridge that would connect the economic island developed under the Hulhumale Phase Two.

The bridges in Phase Two of Hulhumale will be funded with a loan from the Saudi Fund. The tourism island developed under the second phase is a separate area that would be located at the extreme north of the reclaimed land. The bridge on this location would be developed after completely separating the northern end of the reclaimed land from the whole mass of Phase Two’s reclaimed land, which will create a causeway between Phase Two and the separated land at the north.

According to the announcement made by HDC, the bridges have to be completed in one year. The bid proposals are to be presented before April 15, 2018. An official of HDC revealed that the bids were opened after completing all the plans and designs.

“We are aiming to conclude the development of bridges with all the other developments in Phase Two. The development of the bridges will commence this year.”

Housing projects and construction of roads under the second phase of Hulhumale development are already underway.