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Former Elections Commissioner nominated for NIC

27 February 2018, MVT 02:46
Ex Elections Commissioner Ahmed Sulaiman speaking at an event: His resignation was announced on January 31, 2018
27 February 2018, MVT 02:46

President Abdulla Yameen on Monday submitted the name of former Elections Commissioner Ahmed Sulaiman for parliamentary approval, as a member of the National Integrity Commission (NIC).

In a letter to the parliament, the president had asked for a consult from the parliament on appointing Sulaiman for a vacant position at the NIC. The letter has been referred to the Committee on Independent Institutions for discussion.

Following the announcement for the application for NIC membership, out of the seven individuals who had applied, only Sulaiman’s name was submitted to the parliament.

The former Elections Commissioner resigned from his post on January 31; he had not stated the reason for his resignation.

Sulaiman’s resignation comes at a time when the commission is under scrutiny for announcing that several members of the parliament had lost their seats following an ambiguous Supreme Court ruling on floor-crossing.

The application for NIC membership was opened after the President of NIC  Yoosuf Maaniu was sacked in November last year.

Maaniu was sacked after he alleged that the Maldives Police Service was uncooperative in NIC probes and warned legal action against certain police officers.

NIC acts as a watchdog for four state institutions: Maldives Police Service, Department of Immigration and Emigration, Maldives Correctional Service, and Maldives Customs Service.

The name of Ibrahim Uwais, was also sent to the parliament Committee on National Security for review in today’s sitting, as President Yameen’s nomination for Maldives' Ambassador to Japan