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UN Working Group follows up on MP Mahloof case

Nafaahath Ibrahim
21 February 2018, MVT 15:07
Jailed Lawmaker Ahmed Mahloof PHOTO:Mohamed Sharuhan/Mihaaru
Nafaahath Ibrahim
21 February 2018, MVT 15:07

United Nations Working Group for Arbitrary Detention enquired the Maldivian government if the its decisions regarding MP Ahmed Mahloof’s case were implemented.

The lawmaker was found guilty and convicted for obstructing police officers during an opposition protest.

The Working Group had come to a decision last June that the MP Mahloof was jailed against international human rights laws. They called for the immediate release of the MP and to compensate for his losses.

Despite the working groups orders, MP Mahloof was released only after his sentence period was over.

In a letter to MP Mahloof’s lawyer Ahmed Nazim, the Working Group had asked to clarify five main things in relation to the case, which included the date the MP was released, if he was compensated, and if any investigations were carried out for violating his rights.

They also wanted to know if any changes were brought to the state regulation after the Working Group’s decision and if any work was done to carry out the groups' orders.

The letter stated that it is enquiring to inform the UN’s Human Rights counsel to update the counsel on the opposition lawmaker's case.

The state refused to accepted any of the recommendations made by the UN Working Group.