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Police arrest MP Ilham’s brother

Fathmath Shaahunaz
20 February 2018, MVT 22:57
Adam Zaalif, the younger brother of Dhangethi MP Ilham Ahmed. PHOTO/ PRESIDENT'S OFFICE
Fathmath Shaahunaz
20 February 2018, MVT 22:57

Police on Tuesday night arrested Dhangethi MP Ilham Ahmed’s brother Adam Zaalif after a raid on the latter’s residence.

According to a family member, Zaalif was summoned to Police Headquarters in the afternoon prior to the raid. However the police had not seized any items from the apartment, said the family member.

Stating that the police had not informed Zaalif’s family the reason for the arrest, the relative further claimed that the police did not have a warrant when they took Zaalif to Dhoonidhoo Detention Centre.

Police have made several unwarranted arrests after the ongoing state of emergency was declared earlier this month, which had curtailed several articles of the Constitution, allowing security forces to make unwarranted arrests.

The police had also confiscated Zaalif’s mobile phone on February 12, after he, along with Ilham’s wife Aminath Maasha, were brought in for questioning.

His lawmaker brother Ilham was arrested, along with Machangolhi South MP Abdulla Sinan, under accusations of planning a coup against the government and giving and accepting bribes.