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Maldives top diplomat meets EU ambassador

Nafaahath Ibrahim
20 February 2018, MVT 15:35
Foreign minister Dr.Asim and EU ambassador
Nafaahath Ibrahim
20 February 2018, MVT 15:35

Maldivian foreign minister Dr. Mohamed Asim assured the European Union (EU) that the Maldives will uphold the Constitution and rule of law.

According to the foreign ministry, Asim had met with the EU ambassador Tung-Lai Margue, on Monday to discuss the current political situation and the relationship between EU and the Maldives.

In the meeting, Asim had highlighted the support provided by EU to the Maldives and assured that the relationship will remain strong in the future.

EU had called on the Maldives when the state had refused to follow through the Supreme Court's verdict on February 1 to release political figures and reinstate ousted parliamentarians. They had raised concerns after the declaration of the state of emergency and the arrest of two SC judges in the wake of the landmark ruling.

During the political upsurge in the Maldives, the first EU delegation had only met with the opposition. According to EU, state officials had decline invitations to meet at the time. However, the state had later declared that they had allocated time for sit-downs.