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Police halt Friday's opposition rally

Nafaahath Ibrahim
17 February 2018, MVT 14:35
Police sending MDP rally participants out of the MDP main hub. PHOTO/HUSSAIN WAHEED MIHAARU
Nafaahath Ibrahim
17 February 2018, MVT 14:35

The protesters from the Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP) gathering moved into the streets due to being chased away by the police from MDP's main hub.

The protestors had initially gathered at the main hub and were broken up by the police in the evening. When the participants of the rally moved into the Artificial Beach area, police attempted to forcefully chase them away, injuring one in the process.

According to reports from within the rally, the man fell as they were pushing people aside. His right hand was wounded but the details of his injury have not yet been made known. He was taken to ADK hospital for treatment.

Prior to the protest, the police had announced that they would break up any such gathering by the opposition, claiming that the intention of those gathering are to disrupt the peace.

MDP activists have been protesting since the Supreme Court ruling on February 1. So far, the police have taken four people from the rally into custody. Several protesters, press and MP’s were injured when the police sprayed the crowds with pepper spray.

The opposition leaders defended their actions as being lawful, further stating that the gathering would continue into the night as well. They added that this is simply a warm up for the major rally in Male' where people will arrive from other islands to participate.

Several leading members were arrested before the rally had officially begun.

Similarly, many islands also held smaller rallies to show their support to the opposition.