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E-voting 'odd' for Maldives, says EU

Mohamed Visham
26 July 2016, MVT 18:24
An electronic voting machine. Maldives is set to introduce e-voting for the next local council elections despite opposition concerns.
Mohamed Visham
26 July 2016, MVT 18:24

The electoral body's push to introduce electronic voting attracted more criticism on Monday after the European Union (EU) described the decision as "odd" for a country with just over 350,000 people.

Elections Commission had earlier announced that e-voting machines will be used in only three ballot boxes during the local council elections slated for January next year.

Opposition parties have continued to express grave concerns over the introduction of e-voting by accusing the government of trying to rig the elections.

Main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) have questioned the independence of the elections commission to ensure a free and fair elections.

The EU on Twitter said the insistence by the EC on introducing e-voting is odd in the Maldives considering its population.

"EC must increase confidence that this will strengthen democracy in the Maldives," the Tweet read.

The commission has continuously allayed concerns over e-voting by insisting that it would not bring much of a difference to the present voting system in the Maldives.

Even if machines are used to count the votes the commission had assured that it would also do the counting manually while the machines will not be connected to the internet removing the possibility of hacking.