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PPM calls to shut down opposition-aligned Raajje TV

04 February 2018, MVT 15:19
Raajje TV staff pictured outside the Criminal Court. FILE PHOTO/MIHAARU
04 February 2018, MVT 15:19

The ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has called on security forces to close down local television station Raajje TV, after accusing the station of creating discord and apprehension in the public.

In a press conference held with Channel 13, the vice president of PPM, Abdul Raheem Abdulla, stated that Raajje TV should not be allowed to disrupt the unity and harmony in the community. He also alleged that the opposition aligned channel was aiming to spread dissension, and that it should be shut down immediately.

“This is the reason why I, on behalf of PPM, am asking the relevant authorities to shut down Raajje TV. It should not be allowed to create discord blatantly. It should not be allowed to broadcast Mohamed Nasheed’s narratives to the citizens,” he said, referring to interviews given by the self-exiled former president to Raajje TV following the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling last Thursday night.

Meanwhile, Raajje TV had lodged complaints with the police last week after it had received threats from anonymous sources.

The ruling party has been inviting only the government aligned TV station Channel 13 to its press briefings after the Supreme Court’s decision that released several opposition leaders, reinstated 12 parliamentarians, and nullified its previous ruling on floor crossing.

Raajje TV had also been subjected to massive fines under the prickly Defamation and Freedom of Speech Act on numerous occasions. The channel claims that these are all ploys of the government to finally shut down the station.