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"No judge coerced to resign, no threats of imprisonment"

Farah Ahmed
04 February 2018, MVT 03:20
Supreme Court judge Ali Hameed (L) receiving credentials from President Abdulla Yameen (R) at the presence of Chief Justice Abdullah Saeed (C). PHOTO / PRESIDENT'S OFFICE
Farah Ahmed
04 February 2018, MVT 03:20

Sources close to Chief Justice Abdullah Saeed and infamous Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameed confirmed early on Sunday morning that the government had neither them asked to resign, nor tried to arrest them following the court’s unexpected ruling late Thursday.

After rumours surfaced that the government was trying to arrest the two top court judges, many opposition supporters gathered in front of Saeed’s house.

Meanwhile, the police dismissed the rumours about receiving an order to arrest the Chief Justice and said that it was completely baseless.

The source assured that Saeed and Hameed are safe, and that nobody has tried to arrest them or coerced them to resign.

The judges of the Supreme Court have been maintaining a low profile since it issued its landmark decision that released several opposition leaders, reinstated 12 parliamentarians, and nullified its previous ruling on floor crossing.

While the opposition celebrated the ruling initially, the government’s delay in enforcing the top court’s order has created some unrest amongst the public. Opposition supporters, prominent lawyers in the country, as well as the international community have urged the Maldivian government to enforce the ruling as soon as possible.