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PG Office submits concerns in enforcing order to top court

Farah Ahmed
04 February 2018, MVT 02:53
Prosecutor General Aishath Bisham speaking at a press conference --
Farah Ahmed
04 February 2018, MVT 02:53

The Prosecutor General’s office confirmed on Saturday that it has handed over the documents to the Supreme Court, pertaining its concerns in enforcing the decision made by the court late Thursday.

The Prosecutor General’s office had not divulged the details of the issues it took the top court.

While speaking to the state broadcaster Public Service Media (PSM), Attorney General Mohamed Anil revealed that the government had to resort to forwarding its grievances “electronically”, as it was unable to reach out to the judges of the apexcourt in person. Anil said the Prosecutor General’s office had tried to approach the Supreme Court on numerous occasions, but it was to no avail.

“We ask the public to be patient as we try to enforce the Supreme Court’s ruling, and clarify some of our reservations after discussing with the court – which is taking longer than expected,” Anil said, insinuating that the top court judges have been hard to reach since issuing its landmark ruling.

In an unexpected turn of events, the apex court late Thursday ordered the release of nine prominent political prisoners, reinstated the 12 lawmakers who were expelled from the parliament, and nullified its previous ruling on floor crossing. It had also urged the government, parliament and the security forces to fully comply with the court’s decision, and stated that undermining its decision would constitute “a felonious act.”