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Police raid house in relation to local Facebook page that encouraged paedophilia

Farah Ahmed
31 January 2018, MVT 12:35
Two police officers wait outside a building in the capital Male while a team of police officers searched an apartment in the building on January 30, 2018, in relation to an incident encouraging paedophilia online. MIHAARU PHOTO / NISHAN ALI
Farah Ahmed
31 January 2018, MVT 12:35

Maldives Police Service on Tuesday night searched a house in capital Male in relation to the local Facebook page that had posted explicit pictures of several under aged girls.

Facebook had taken down the page on Sunday night upon the request of the police, and several other concerned citizens who reported the inappropriate page.

The police confirmed that an apartment was searched in relation to the Facebook page incident, after some confusion arose as an individual, who was accused of bribing parliament members, also lived in the same building.

Police have not given any further details of the sensitive investigation, but had assured Sunday that they would investigate the matter “very seriously”.

The Facebook page, which had been up since May 2017, had had pictures of girls as young as five. However, it had not started posting captions that encouraged paedophilia until recently.