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Facebook shuts down page encouraging paedophilia, police launch probe

Farah Ahmed
29 January 2018, MVT 12:52
Stock image symbolising child abuse.
Farah Ahmed
29 January 2018, MVT 12:52

Facebook on Sunday night took down a page with explicit pictures of young girls, upon the request of Maldives Police Service.

The page, which had been up on Facebook since May 2017, had posted several pictures of local girls as young as five. The page caught the radar of Facebook users after it began posting pictures with captions that encouraged paedophilia.

Reportedly, it had not started posting degrading captions until recently, which is why the page was not reported earlier.

According to the police, many concerned citizens had reported the page to the police as well as to Facebook.

The police assured that it is investigating the matter “very seriously” and that the individuals who were running the page would be fully prosecuted.