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Maldives to up security in schools

Nafaahath Ibrahim
17 January 2018, MVT 17:49
Morning assembly at Ghiyasuddin International School with the low turnout of students amidst the current swine flu epidemic in the Maldives. PHOTO/SOCIAL MEDIA
Nafaahath Ibrahim
17 January 2018, MVT 17:49

The education ministry announced that discussions are underway to increase security measures for schools amidst an upsurge in violent attacks in schools.

On Tuesday, a boy from Thaajuddeen School was stabbed with a pair of scissors by two people, while a boy from Dharumavantha School was stabbed by a group of people on Wednesday. Violent attacks took place in Thaajuddeen in May 2017 as well.

State minster for education, Ahmed Shafeeu, said that they are discussing with relevant authorities to increase security measures for the protection of students. Shafeeu did not provide details of any specific steps to be taken.

Parents had been issued special “parent cards” last year, which they have to carry when entering school premises to verify their guardianship of students. This had not proven very effective as Shafeeu himself stated that it would not be possible to check whether each parent was carrying the card.

He added that there were security guards posted in all the schools in capital Male and that they had, on occasions, restricted people who were not parents from entering the premises. Shafeeu further said that they were discussing steps that could be taken to prevent people, apart from parents, from entering schools.