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Dengue outbreak in Hanimaadhoo island

16 January 2018, MVT 10:51
Overhead view of HDh. Hanimaadhoo. PHOTO/FACEBOOK
16 January 2018, MVT 10:51

The island of Hanimadhoo in Haa Dhaal atoll has reported an alarmingly high number of dengue cases.

The island’s health center stated that a number of patients, who tested positive for the dengue virus, are currently admitted in the center and more serious cases are being transferred to the regional hospital in Kulhudhuffushi and to capital Male.

Haa Dhaal Atoll Health Service managing the island’s health center reported that the island has had dengue cases since November last year, but since then the number has increased at an alarming rate.

An official of Haa Dhaal Atoll Health Service claimed that the situation of the island is very serious; at the moment, most cases identified are foreign workers but some children have also tested positive to dengue. According to the official, six children have been infected with dengue in the last three days. He also stated that the eight beds in the center are full and some patients infected with the virus are being treated at home.

Furthermore, officials of Health Service had visited Hanimaadhoo to conduct inspections, and advised residents on how to eradicate mosquito breeding grounds. Moreover, the island’s council held meetings with the residents to educate them on how to prevent mosquito breeding.

In a press statement, Health Protection Agency (HPA) also warned of an outbreak of dengue recently.

Some of the steps encouraged by HPA include abolishing or emptying out spots in and around households where stagnant water accumulates, keeping roads and neighborhoods clean, properly covering dustbins and trashcans, using mosquito repellents, and closing doors and windows of houses at sunrise and sunset to prevent mosquitoes from entering.

The agency also urged people to seek medical attention should they notice dengue symptoms such as fever lasting over three days, decreased urine output, fatigue or bleeding.