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Kurimbi residents to rescue after ferry runs aground

Farah Ahmed
09 January 2018, MVT 12:32
The residents of H. Dh. Kurimbi bringing ashore the boat that ran aground a reef early on January 09, 2018. The boat was en route to H. Dh. Kulhudhufishi when the incident occurred. PHOTO / ALI UWAISH
Farah Ahmed
09 January 2018, MVT 12:32

The Haa Dhaalu atoll ferry ran aground a reef Tuesday morning while carrying over 70 passengers from five different islands of the atoll.

The northern atoll’s ferry was en route to the atoll’s capital Kulhudhuffushi when the incident occurred. It was travelling from the “Haa Dhaalu-Kurimbi route,” Kurimbi Island Council’s president Mohamed Afrah revealed.

“The boat’s engine stopped and it sort of drifted onto a reef just outside our island. So we took all our vessels and went to their rescue. We brought all the passengers on board to the island,” Afrah said.

The stranded passengers spent about two hours in Kurimbi before they were able to depart to Kulhudhuffushi at 10 a.m.

Afrah said that the ferry has also been brought ashore now.