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Five charged over deaths of two youths in Hulhumale

Fathmath Shaahunaz
27 December 2017, MVT 13:00
Fathmath Sama, 18 (L) and Ahmed Hamin, 21 (R) - the two individuals who passed away after experiencing chest pains whilst under the influence of illicit substances --
Fathmath Shaahunaz
27 December 2017, MVT 13:00

The Prosecutor General’s Office has levied charges against five suspects over the sudden deaths of two youths in reclaimed suburb Hulhumale last September.

Ahmed Hamin, 21, and Fathmath Sama, 18, passed away on the night of September 28, after experiencing chest pains at a party where illicit narcotics were involved. According to sources, the two had paired drugs with energy drinks, while Police reported finding party drugs at the hotel room where the incident took place.

The state is indicting Mariyam Afa, Hassan Zidhan, Adam Shaheen, Mariyam Maisha and Ahmed Ameen over the case. The PG Office has confirmed that the case was forwarded to the Criminal Court last Thursday.

The five are being charged under Section 618 of the Penal Code, ‘Duty to Aid’. The Code states that a person commits an offence is they unreasonable fail to “give warning of a known risk to a person in danger, or render assistance to a person in need”.

The Code further states that, under Rebuttable Presumption, the person charged under Duty to Aid would be presumed to have unreasonably failed to render assistance to a person in need “if he knows of a working telephone or radio within his access or control, and has no reason to believe that medical or law enforcement agencies have already been called to the aid of a person in need, and fails to alert medical or law enforcement agencies of the emergency”.

The offence is classified as a Level Three Misdemeanor, which entails a jail sentence of a month and six days if convicted.

ZIdhan also faces an additional charge of providing false information to law enforcement officers.

Police had initially arrested four suspects in connection to the deaths under 12 accusations. However, they were released after the investigation in October.