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Expat gets stabbed in capital Male

Farah Ahmed
19 October 2017, MVT 14:45
The police escorting the expat who was stabbed to the hospital in a police car --
Farah Ahmed
19 October 2017, MVT 14:45

An expat was violently attacked with a sharp object late on Wednesday night.

According to a witness, the foreign national was stabbed in the head with a sharp object at the Artifical Beach area in capital Male.

The witness was unable to identify who the attacker was; however, he said that the expat was “drenched in blood” and that he had waited on a bench till the police arrived.

The police had then taken the man to ADK Hospital, he said.

The police have not commented on the incident yet.

Lately, there has been an increase in violent crimes, especially in the capital.

Just earlier in the month, an individual near the parliament was stabbed and had to be rushed to the hospital; but in a more fatal attack on the same weekend in Hulhumale, a 24-year-old passed away after he was stabbed over eight times by a group of men on motorbikes. Late in September, a 19-year-old had also passed away in a similar stabbing incident.

In an effort to curb violent crimes, the High Court issued a MoniCon order, based on the home minister Azleen Ahmed’s proposal, in order to monitor the activities of dangerous suspects.