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JP spokesperson summoned to police

Farah Ahmed
09 September 2017, MVT 22:51
Jumhoory Party's Secretary General, Ahmed Sameer. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED/MIHAARU
Farah Ahmed
09 September 2017, MVT 22:51

The police on Thursday night summoned opposition Jumhoory Party (JP)’s secretary-general Ahmed Sameer to take his statement for their case against him.

Sameer is being investigated for allegedly obstructing a police officer in a rally that took place in front of the opposition party’s main party hub in Maafannu ward of Male, ‘Kunooz’ on August 16.

The police had initially arrested Sameer from the scene on the day of the incident whilst he was speaking to a reporter from opposition-alligned local TV channel, ‘Raajje TV’.

However, when he was taken to the Criminal Court for his remand hearing, the court let him go after warning him to cooperate with the police and advised him not to take part in political activities until the cases against him have been closed.

Besides accusing him of obstructing a police officer, JP’s secretary-general has four other charges levied against him.

The police have also accused him of assaulting a police officer, obstruction of justice and law enforcement, fleeing the scene of a crime and inciting public disorder.

Sameer, who was the former parliamentarian for Dhihdhoo constituency was previously investigated for allegedly attempting to topple the government.