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Courts extend remand of two suspects in Ahmed Anas murder

Fathmath Shaahunaz
22 August 2017, MVT 15:05
Ahmed Anas, 25, of Raa atoll Meedhoo island
Fathmath Shaahunaz
22 August 2017, MVT 15:05

The courts have added 15 days to the remand of the two suspects most recently arrested over the murder of Ahmed Anas late last month.

A 23 year old man and a minor were taken under custody during a police raid on a house in Maafannu ward of capital Male last Thursday. Police confirmed that the Criminal Court and Juvenile Court have ordered to detain both of them for the investigation.

Police previously arrested twelve suspects, including minors, during a raid on Asareehiyaa house in Maafannu ward. The Criminal Court has added 8-10 days to their remands. While some of the suspects were recently released, Police declared that the prime suspects that were physically involved in killing Anas are still in custody.

Meanwhile, surveillance footage of the murder was recently leaked to social media. The video clip depicted four people with covered faces attacking Anas with blades.

Ahmed Anas, of Raa atoll Meedhoo island, was found with multiple stab wounds in Litus Service Centre on July 31. He was the second person to be killed in less than a week amidst an upsurge of gang violence in the capital. A man named Nadeem Abdul Raheem, 24, was killed five days before Anas’ brutal murder, when he was stabbed by a group of people inside a cafe. Police have arrested a man listed as a Dangerous Criminal, Mohamed Mafaaz, in connection to Nadeem’s killing.