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Maldives not utilizing millions in foreign aid, admits finance minister

Mohamed Visham
17 July 2016, MVT 09:45
Newly appointed finance minister Ahmed Munavvar speaks during the inauguration of  "Clean Maldives" a national convention on waste management on Saturday. MIHAARU PHOTO/NISHAN ALI
Mohamed Visham
17 July 2016, MVT 09:45

Maldives is not utilizing the millions in foreign aid by not using the funds to implement projects throughout the archipelago, finance minister Ahmed Munavvar admitted Saturday.

Speaking after inaugurating a nationwide convention on waste management, the newly appointed finance minister said the country was "weak" in implementing development projects using the funds received in foreign aid.

"Before I joined the finance ministry I used to think Maldives did not receive too much foreign aid. But during the past two or three years I've spent at the ministry, I've come to realize we haven't been able to the projects we've implemented doesn't reflect the amount of money we've received in foreign aid," Munavvar who served as the state finance minister prior to his promotion explained.

He stressed on the importance of cooperation from the local councils to assist the government in implementing projects in the islands.

"How can a ministry travel to each and every island. The only way we can carry out these projects in individual islands is with your [councils] cooperation. If not we've seen projects stagnated for years. This is really sad," he said.

Finance ministry had announced a USD100 million project to solve the waste management issues in the archipelago next year.