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Maldives police watchdog assures probe into complaints against cops

Mohamed Visham
12 July 2016, MVT 13:58
Police block an opposition lawmaker from holding a press conference in a restricted area. MIHAARU FILE PHOTO
Mohamed Visham
12 July 2016, MVT 13:58

National Integrity Commission (NIC) on Tuesday vowed to probe and take action against police officers found guilty of violating the law.

Responding to a police statement the day before, NIC president Mohamed Faruhaad reminded the police that the law permits action against individual police officers.

Police in a statement on Monday had said individual police officers would not be held liable for thier actions while on duty.

"As police officers act on orders, the entire police service would take responsibility for any infringements of the law," the statement had read.

The statement came after the newly formed opposition coalition had filed individual complaints against several police officers to the NIC seeking disciplinary action.

Faruhaad said the NIC would probe the complaints filed by the opposition and take action if necessary.

"If anyone violates the law there is a mechanism to investigate it. If an individual or an institution acts against national interest we have the necessary mechanism in place to look into it.," Faruhaad added.