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India renews yearly staple food quota to Maldives

Fathmath Shaahunaz
29 June 2017, MVT 17:17
A man pulls a cart loaded with sacks of various staple food to STO's godown.
Fathmath Shaahunaz
29 June 2017, MVT 17:17

India has renewed its yearly export quota of staple food, onions and potatoes allocated to the Maldives.

Indian media state that the government renewed authorisation to export predetermined amounts of staple food and other produce to the archipelago under the bilateral agreement between the two South Asian neighbours.

The media cited India’s Director General of Foreign Trade that the yearly amount of produce to be exported to the Maldives from last April onwards are 67,640.24 tons of rice, 59,442.17 tons of wheat flour, 11,706.3 tons of sugar, 11,714.45 tons of potatoes and 19,466.36 tons of onions.

According to reports, the fixed amounts of produce allocated for the Maldives remain unchanged with regards to future steps that are to be taken to control exportation. India has on occasion halted exports over poor harvest of onions and potatoes.

Indian news reports further note that the produce exported to the Maldives must be sold at the lowest possible export rates.

Staple food are imported to the Maldives from India, mainly via the archipelago’s main trading body State Trading Organisation (STO).