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Suspect in Ihavandhoo ice plant murder confesses to crime

Fathmath Shaahunaz
18 June 2017, MVT 14:53
Sumon Miah, the Bangladeshi national who confessed to killing Ismail Umar, a mechanic at the Ihavandhoo ice plant.
Fathmath Shaahunaz
18 June 2017, MVT 14:53

The Bangladeshi national, who is arrested as a suspect in the murder of Ismail Umar in Haa Alif atoll Ihavandhoo island, has confessed to the crime, Police announced Sunday.

The expat worker named Sumon Miah had been an employee at the Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company (MIFCO) ice plant in Ihavandhoo where Ismail Umar, 54, had worked as a mechanic and the in-charge. Ismail Umar was founded murdered with multiple wounds inside the ice plant last Friday afternoon.

In a statement, Police disclosed that they have found the knife used as a murder weapon and the clothes Ismail was wearing at the time of attack.

The statement read that Police went in search of Ismail Umar after his close associates reported him missing. He was found inside the ice processing unit of the plant. Police added that blood was also found on the door leading to the plant’s office and accommodation block.

Meanwhile, photographs circulating on social media show that Ismail Umar’s bloodied body was left naked in a narrow concrete area of the plant.

Police condemned the murder as a deliberate and inhumane act and declared that four other Bangaldeshi nationals suspected of being connected to the case are also under arrest,

Police vowed that all possible actions will be taken to investigate Ismail Umar’s death and bring all the culprits to justice.

However, they did not reveal the motive behind the murder.

Sumon Miah was first arrested after the victim’s friends and associates suspected he was connected to Ismail Umar’s murder as Miah had gone “missing” three days before Ismail’s death. Ismail Umar and his associates had been searching for Miah and had believed that he fled to Dhidhdhoo island in the same atoll to seek a better job.

However, Ihavandhoo residents received word that Miah took a dinghy to Hoarafushi island in the early hours of Friday. Police found and arrested him in Hoarafushi on Friday evening.