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Will work within parliament to get fishermen's money: MDP

MDP has promised to work towards a solution for Addu fishermen as they continue to protest over long overdue payments.

Ameera Osmanagic
23 June 2024, MVT 19:19
Press conference by MDP's parliamentary group over the escalating situation of Addu Fishermen's protest --
Ameera Osmanagic
23 June 2024, MVT 19:19

Opposition party, Maldivian Democratic Party's (MDP) parliamentary group today said that they would work within the parliament to get fishermen the money owed to them by the government.

Fishermen of Addu, the southern most city of the country, have been protesting against state owned enterprise Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company (MIFCO) since last Thursday, over long due payments for the fish bought from them.

In a press conference held by MDP's parliamentary group today expressing concern over the situation, MP of South Hithadhoo constituency Ibrahim Nazil said that it has been over 80 days since the fishermen have gotten their pay, and that over 90 percent of the Addu fishermen are now protesting.

While protests in Addu have been going on for three days, he said the government's failure to provide an adequate solution is a big issue.

As such, MDP members will work within the parliament to hold the government responsible, he said.

"We are in discussions to decide whether to submit a motion or a resolution. And we will summon the minister to the parliament as well," the MP added.

Fisheries Minister Ahmed Shiyam previously appeared in front of the parliament twice and answered questions by MPs about various matters related to fishermen.

While in parliament, Minister Shiyam said that the government's plan is to pay fishermen within 48 hours of purchasing fish from them. However, doing so will require improving the financial situation of both MIFCO and the government, minister said.

Since its start, the Addu fishermen's protests have escalated to the point where Addu Fisheries Complex operations have been forced to stop. MIFCO says protestors have threatened to take over the complex site.