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Sadha's death: State to deliberate on settling out of court

The Civil Court today heard that Saadha's parents are willing to enter negotiations to settle out of court on the condition that the state admits to negligence which resulted in the 5-year old's death.

Ameera Osmanagic
09 June 2024, MVT 16:43
Late Saadha Saudhulla who passed away at Fuvahmulah Hospital --
Ameera Osmanagic
09 June 2024, MVT 16:43

The Civil Court today, provided the state with the opportunity to decide whether it would be willing to settle out of court in the lawsuit filed by parents of 5-year old Saadha Saudhulla who passed away due to the negligence of Fuvahmulah Hospital back in October 2021.

In the hearing today, Saadha's parents agreed to consider settling out of court if the state admits to negligence of doctors and nurses who attended Saadha's case. Their lawyer cited the long court process delaying justice as a reason for this decision.

The lawyers representing the state requested an opportunity to consult their superiors and decide on a way forward. As such, the court allowed two days to deliberate and decide.

While the state is yet to assume responsibility, Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) previously decided that there is sufficient reason to believe doctors and nurses were negligent in treating Saadha, which resulted in her death and that the family has the right to sue for compensation.

Saadha was taken to Ghaviyani atoll Fuvahmulah Hospital on 3rd October 2021 with complaints of stomach pain and vomiting. Her father Saudhulla Ahmed Hassan Didi claimed that she passed away after receiving an injection.

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