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Voting continues in Malé as feels like temperature soars over 41°C

Statistics from the Maldives Meteorological Service recorded the feels like temperature around the country this afternoon at a scorching 41°C as thousands of voters flock to polling stations to cast their ballots in the parliamentary elections.

Hanaan Hussain
21 April 2024, MVT 12:24
Majilis Election 2024-- Photo: Nishaan ali / Mihaaru
Hanaan Hussain
21 April 2024, MVT 12:24

The Maldives Meteorological Service has reported Sunday's feels like temperature at a 41°C high as voting continues nationwide in the parliamentary elections.

Thousands of citizens have been queuing up outside polling stations in the heat to vote in their representatives of choice for the 20th People's Majlis. Many people have been sighted standing in line with umbrellas and hats in an effort to stave off the heat.

With a approximately 25 percent of all eligible voters having cast their ballots by 11am, it is expected that queues will get longer as the day progresses with more and more citizens taking time out of their day to vote.

According to the Met Office, Malé City was the warmest region in the whole country by 11am, with the feels like temperature at Hulhulé reaching a peak of 44.2°C. The second-hottest temperature this afternoon was recorded in HDh. Hanimaadhoo, which peaked at a feels like temperature of 43.7°C.

Majilis Election 2024-- Photo: Nishaan ali / Mihaaru

The maximum feels like temperature recorded at the L. Kahdhoo monitoring station was 42.8°C, with GDh. Kaadehdhoo reaching a feels like temperature of 42.2°C on Sunday afternoon. The feels like temperature recorded in S. Gan to the south of Maldives was 41.1°C according to Met Office statistics for election day.

This is the hottest time of the year for Maldives, with recorded feels like temperatures having reached an all-time high on 10 April at 48°C.

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