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People who left PPM will not be aware of current party affairs: Heena

Heena has responded to Abdulla Yameen's accusations that PPM colors are devoid in campaign features across the streets due to a lack of of PPM candidates, stating that people who left the party will not be aware of the party's current operations.

Aishath Shuba Solih
01 April 2024, MVT 22:38
Spokesperson, Heena Waleed speaking at the press conference held by PNC to address the parliamentary elections. -- Photo: PNC
Aishath Shuba Solih
01 April 2024, MVT 22:38

Spokesperson to Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and People's National Congress (PNC) parliamentary elections, Heena Waleed has fired back at altercations by former President Abdulla Yameen, stating that people who have left PPM will not be aware of the party's current operations.

These remarks by Heena were made in response to Yameen's comments stating that the party's color has not even been spotted on the streets with People's National Congress (PNC) candidates being fielded to contend in the parliamentary elections instead of PPM candidates.

Heena had maintained that the decision to field PNC candidates was a final consensus brought forward following deliberations held between the leadership of both parties.

"So the progress of PPM's affairs, the proceeding of PNC's operations is [only] known by us. Distant bystanders will not be aware of the operations of the party. And people who left the party will also not be aware of the current affairs of the party."

While the campaign for PPM's parliamentary elections are proceeding, the biggest concern of the party's supporters is endorsing another candidate while the party has their official candidate. This problem has presently surfaced within a few Constituencies.

However, Heena had not provided a direct answer to an enquiry addressing the matter and asserted that some contenders of the election had withdrawn their candidacy and decided to support another candidate. She maintained that the decision to endorse another candidate is reached after deliberating with party leaders as well as supporters after contemplating a formula for PPM/PNC to win the elections.

"The people can clearly identify PPM/PNC candidates. Candidates have withdrawn their name and endorsed another candidate in some cases. Therefore, some candidates may have changed. I believe this is in consideration of a formula to secure the Constituency's seat for PPM/PNC." Heena reiterated.

Heena had additionally revealed that while complaints have surfaced claiming that portions of PNC's logo is used amid the campaign of independent candidates, no such cases have been raised with the party.