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Taxi hits on-duty traffic cop, driver arrested

A taxi rammed into a traffic police officer on duty on the Hulhumale' bridge this evening. The driver has since been arrested.

Mariyath Mohamed
31 March 2024, MVT 22:48
Screen grab on footage of accident circulating on social media.
Mariyath Mohamed
31 March 2024, MVT 22:48

A taxi turning onto the SinaMale' Bridge from Velana International Airport hit a traffic policeman on duty on the bridge this evening.

The car veered out of control and rammed into the police officer who was standing in the middle of the bridge on duty to direct traffic.

A video circulating on social media shows the traffic policer being thrown into the air on impact and hitting the ground hard.

Police Spokesperson Ahmed Shifan stated that the police officer was not seriously injured in the accident.

Shifan further said that the driver of the taxi has been arrested. The accident is under further investigation.

The video of the accident circulating on social media indicates that the taxi attempts to change direction to avoid a police car travelling with its siren on from the direction of the Hulhumale' Highway. However, in this attempt to change direction, the car lost control and rammed into the traffic policeman instead.

Police statistics show that 86 accidents have been reported within the first two weeks of Ramadan, with 48 of these being in Male' and 38 in Hulhumale'. There are also 9 accidents reported on the bridge and highway.

Although the number of accidents are high, a relatively low number of related arrests have been made.

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