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MDP’s Funadhoo Constituency ticket assigned to Ilham

MDP has handed their Funadhoo Constituency ticket to the former MP of the 18th parliament term, Ilham Ahmed, following the withdrawal of the candidate who had initially secured the ticket, Shahid, from the parliamentary elections.

Aishath Shuba Solih
12 February 2024, MVT 12:16
Former MP Ilham Ahmed with former president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih
Aishath Shuba Solih
12 February 2024, MVT 12:16

Maldives Democratic Party, MDP, has decided to assign the MDP’s Shaviyani Funadhoo Constituency ticket to the former parliamentarian of the Dhangethi Constituency, Ilham Ahmed.

Ilham, who had served as the advisor for the Jumhooree Party’s leader Qasim Ibrahim prior to his support of the former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih during the Presidential elections, had originally decided on competing for the Mathiveri Constituency during the MDP Primary elections.

However, he had withdrawn his candidacy prior to the elections. He had later announced his intention to contend for the Funadhoo Constituency ticket instead, via his social media, X, account.

The MDP Funadhoo Constituency ticket was initially secured by the present parliamentarian of the constituency, Mohamed Shahid.

However, as known thus far, Shahid had withdrawn his ticket and reversed his decision to compete in the parliamentary elections. With the vacancy arising, MDP had analyzed people with an interest for the position, and subsequently assigned the ticket to Ilham.

Ilham had served the parliament as the MP of the Dhangethi Constituency during the parliament’s 18th term. He was active within Progressive Party of Maldives and later, Jumhooree Party at the time.