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Presidential Address: Will never compromise sovereignty

Mariyath Mohamed
05 February 2024, MVT 10:17
Mariyath Mohamed
05 February 2024, MVT 10:17

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has assured that his administration will not do anything that could in anyway compromise the nation's sovereignty.

He asserted that he would remain steadfast and not give in to any external pressures under any circumstances if it poses a risk to the country's independence and sovereignty.

Referring to the 'Presidential' Address given by Sultan Mohamed Shamsuddeen in December 1932 to the first parliament established in the Maldives, he said that that he maintains the same attitude that Sultan Shamsuddeen had in his belief of how Islam is a blessing bestowed on the nation.

"Is it a small blessing that we continue to remain Islam? It is a certainty that there is no other religion which guarantees equality and justice, and the good of both worlds. There is no necessity to show any more proof of this. Is it a small blessing that we remain independent, under our own power? Even in the present times, there are people in much larger countries who are sacrificing limb and life to gain this right," the President said.

The President further stated that he believes a large majority of Maldivians support his administration with the expectation that they will remove foreign military presence from the country, recover the lost oceanic territory, and ensure to not allow any State agreements that may compromise the country's sovereignty.

"Diplomatic discussions with other nations that the President can conduct are ongoing. We have officially requested India to remove its troops stationed in the Maldives. Deliberations on this issue are ongoing. As per the most recent discussions, military personnel on one of the three aviation platforms will be recalled before March 10, 2024. The military personnel on the remaining two platforms will also be recalled by May 10, 2024," the President said.

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