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Will impeach President at the most opportune moment within this term: MDP

Mariyath Mohamed
30 January 2024, MVT 19:57
From today's MDP PG press conference.-- Photo: Fayaz Moosa / Mihaaru
Mariyath Mohamed
30 January 2024, MVT 19:57

Opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)'s Parliamentary Group (PG) Leader Mohamed Rasheed Hussain (Bigey) has said in today's press conference that a no confidence motion against President Dr Mohamed Muizzu will be submitted after weighing the most ideal time for it, while asserting that it will be within this parliamentary term.

MDP's PG group has made a decision yesterday to propose removal of the President to parliament, stating that they have already gathered more than the required amount of signatures.

However, the PG has not yet decided on when the motion will be submitted, with the leader saying today that the party will wait to do so at 'the most opportune moment'.

"We are considering the times and circumstances before submitting it. We will submit the motion at the most opportune moment for it," the MP said.

MP Hussain said the party would ensure to carry out any action decided upon by its parliamentary group, claiming the no confidence motion will be submitted before the end of the current parliamentary term on May 27.

He claimed that the motion will be submitted with votes from government aligned MPs as well. Adding that some such MPs have expressed interest already, he refrained from offering names or further details.

Article 100 of the Constitution stipulates that a resolution to remove a sitting President can be submitted with the signatures of two thirds of the parliament, providing they submit their justifications for the motion. The President will then be removed from office if two thirds of the parliament vote in favour of the motion.

Previously, the Parliament Regulations stated that the total number of the parliament will be calculated as including all 87 members or constitutions that were elected at the beginning of the parliamentary term.

However, an amendment to the Regulations passed last year has changed this to read that the total will be calculated excluding currently vacant seats.

This move decreased the minimum number of votes needed for impeachment to 53, effectively making it possible for MDP to vote out the President through its own members and those of The Democrats.

MDP currently has 44 members in parliament, and The Democrats have 13.

The Attorney General's Office has submitted a case to Supreme Court today, appealing the revocation of this amendment, claiming it to be unconstitutional.

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