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Voting begins for Local Council Elections 2017

Aishath Mihna Nasih
06 May 2017, MVT 09:10
A woman casts her vote in a voting centre in Male during the Local Council Elections 2017. PHOTO: NISHAN ALI/MIHAARU
Aishath Mihna Nasih
06 May 2017, MVT 09:10

Voting has commenced for the Local Council Elections 2017 across the Maldives.

While voting began around 8:00 a.m. early Saturday, several people had already gathered earlier outside the voting centres.

Elections Commission member Ahmed Akram told Mihaaru that all preparations regarding the election have been completed. He added that all officials and ballot papers have been sent accordingly to all the election centres across the Maldives.

“We assure that all necessary administrative works have been done properly and will run smoothly,” said Akram.

According to Akram, around 4,000 officials are taking part in the Local Council Elections.

Important details regarding the Local Council Elections 2017

There are 255,987 eligible voters, 431,939 ballot papers have been printed

A total of 422 ballot boxes have been kept across the Maldives

1,497 candidates are running for the election

1,146 representatives of candidates are taking part

Foreign monitors from six countries are taking part while 898 locals take part as monitors

The election is finally being conducted after being postponed thrice this year.

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