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Juvenile Court website hacked, warning for Maldives

Malika Shahid
10 January 2024, MVT 12:41
Juvenile Court.-- Photo: Mihaaru
Malika Shahid
10 January 2024, MVT 12:41

The website of the Juvenile Court was hacked today, displaying an Indian flag with a warning to the Maldives.

The website of the court dealing with criminal cases related to those under the age of 18 was hacked, and a message displayed on the page stated that it was important to remember India's support to the Maldives. It said that the disrespectful comments about the country's culture while forgetting past aid and collaboration are deeply disappointing.

"Consider this a warning," it said.

The row between Maldives and India began after derogatory comments on X by three Deputy Ministers of the Youth Ministry against India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his video promoting tourism in the region during his visit to Lakshadweep.

Following criticism of the government over the issue, the trio were suspended. Following this, Maldives High Commissioner to India Ibrahim Shaheeb was summoned to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs.

With the rows between people of both countries on social media, the President's Office website, and other government agencies' websites in Maldives had also been previously blocked by cyber attacks. However, those sites have since been recovered.

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