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Tata commences housing project despite contract termination

Fathmath Shaahunaz
27 April 2017, MVT 14:45
An area of the former Naadhee land plot excavated to prepare for flat development. PHOTO: FAZEENA AHMED/MIHAARU
Fathmath Shaahunaz
27 April 2017, MVT 14:45

Tata Housing Development Company of India has commenced work to develop flats in the former Naadhee land plot in capital Male despite the Maldives’ government having already terminated the agreement awarding the plot to the company.

The land plots of the former Odion Cinema and Naadhee had been awarded for Tata Housing to develop and sell luxury flats by the regime of Former President Mohamed Nasheed. However, the current government recently announced the termination of the agreement, declaring that Tata had failed to commence the project within the given deadline despite an extension of 90 days.

Tata has since countered the claim, insisting that the company has abided by the agreement and kept the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure of the Maldives informed of the company’s plans for the project. Tata stated that the ministry had accepted the plans forwarded by the company last February after which Tata has been preparing to begin construction.

Despite the terminated contract, Tata Housing has commenced excavation in the Naadhee site, excavating a large area of the plot on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. The work is currently at a halt due to a problem with one of the excavators, according to some of the staff.

The senior officials of Tata Housing present on site refused to comment upon being inquired as to the reason why excavation has commenced despite the terminated contract. They stated that any information regarding the project will be provided only by the appointed company spokesperson.

Mihaaru has not been able to reach Tata Housing’s spokesperson or the Housing Ministry yet for comment.

Tata has also expressed shock and worry at the sudden notice of contract termination, and said that it is looking into the protection of the company’s rights under the circumstances. Meanwhile, the Housing Ministry has repeatedly declared that Former President Nasheed had handled awarding land plots for flat development to Tata Housing very poorly with debilitating cost to the Maldives’ government.