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Police investigating allegations against 'Zamzam' Farish of sexual harassment of students

Mariyath Mohamed
01 December 2023, MVT 15:08
'Zamzam' Farish, currently accused of sexual harassment of school students.
Mariyath Mohamed
01 December 2023, MVT 15:08

Education Ministry and Gender Ministry have submitted a case to Maldives Police Services seeking investigation into allegations of sexual harassment of students by an Arabiyya School teacher known widely by the name of 'Zamzam' Farish. Mihaaru News reported that they have so far been unable to receive any official statements on the matter. As learned by the news outlet, police submitted the report on this case to the Education Ministry on November 14. With the end of the last administration's term on November 17, and the subsequent appointment of Dr Ismail Shafeeu as the Education Minister, the matter was brought to the new minister's attention on November 19. Although no reasons were stated explicitly, Zamzam Farish has decided to resign from the school at the time when the investigation is ongoing. Questioned about the case, an official from the Education Ministry stated that the ministry will take action in such cases in a manner that does not infringe upon the rights and dignity of the involved students and school. The official said that there are some instances where the matter is investigated without placing the accused teacher on suspension. "If the matter includes a criminal conduct, the police will investigate and take action accordingly. That is something we are sure of," the official said. Mihaaru News reports that it has confirmed that the investigation submitted earlier this month is currently ongoing. While statements have been taken from some of the students involved in the case, they include some serious allegations against Zamzam Farish. According to reports, Zamzam Farish is being accused of targeting comments that fall under sexual harassment at female students, and attempting to build relationships on such terms through various means. Additionally, Zamzam Farish is also being accused of harassing a number of male students. The victims of this harassment have shared details of their experiences with other teachers at the school. A source close to the issue stated that it was through students confiding in other teachers that the matter came to the attention of the school authorities. The school promptly reported the matter to the Education Ministry, which approached the Gender Ministry, and together lodged the case with the police. Zamzam Farish did not respond to messages and calls seeking his response to these allegations. During the previous administration, this teacher was suspended for challenging and criticizing a resolution by then President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. The Employment Tribunal ruled later last year that he was wrongfully suspended. The Education Ministry said at the time that even prior to his suspension, he had been summoned and advised on several occasions.

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